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Why Rostron Mortgages?

Rostron has successfully supported hundreds of clients in achieving their aspirations in the property market. With our knowledge and experience in the industry, it is easy for us to find the right loan for you.

Rostron Mortgages are a team of highly experienced mortgage brokers, dedicated to finding you the very best mortgage possible suited to your individual needs.

Rostron Mortgages is a branch of the successful finance corporation Rostron, founded by Benjamin Sharp in September 2015. Ben has worked as a leading broker for many years and built up a vast database of contacts, mortgage products and lenders.

Our process is simple; our experienced and compassionate brokers have a genuine love for what they do and they take the time to fully understand your situation, walking you through the procedure one step at a time. We take great pride in our work, offering a friendly, professional and unbiased service from the very start.

Our valued customers are at the forefront of our business and we are always aiming to deliver a quality and personalised experience. With our expertise and consistent support, you can confidently discuss, compare and achieve the very best mortgage for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, if you have at least 5% of the property’s purchase price in savings and have done for at least 3 months, or alternatively 12 months rental history and 5% savings from a gift or other source, you are eligible to apply for a mortgage. Anyone looking to refinance requires the last 6 months of good repayment history on their current home loan.

The length of time over which you can make repayments will vary from lender to lender. Our panel of lenders offer flexible repayment terms from 1 year to 30 years.

There is no minimum income requirement. Our professional brokers assess each client on a case-by-case basis, taking your individual income and expenses into consideration. There are minimum guidelines to living expenses and income, but this widely varies depending on marital status, number and age of dependants, and postcode.

Our experienced brokers can do a free capacity calculation to quickly let you know how much you can borrow based on your income.

Depending on the lender, it can take between 1-5 days from application to approval. Once approved, the lender will send out the documents within 2 business days.

Providing you are ahead of your payments (for example, you have made an extra repayment on your loan last month), it is possible to change the date of your repayments.


“A big thank you to Ben Sharp!! If it weren’t for all your hard work we wouldn’t have secured our purchase for our first home.”

Mathew Beitz and Jade Palmer